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Straight-Edge Will Never Die!
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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
5:02 pm
Yeah, sorry I've been a while.
Being vegan isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. This kid from Sound High who's also vegan has been giving me tips, and you'd be surprised at the amount of things you can do with soy milk. My mom has been very supportive. She's actually removed all eggs and dairy products from the house in solidarity. Though, about my mom...

You know, she used to be all for me joining Greenpeace after I graduated from high school, but now she's read some study that shows people with higher degrees are able on a whole to get more accomplished with their lives and she's gotten it into her head that I need to get a PhD in marine biology or some such crap. I reminded her that by the time I got that far in my educational experience, the way the world's going there won't be any whales left to save, but she isn't buying it. So of course, now after months of sending back all the brochures colleges have sent, she's become a fanatic and I've started on my path to college about six months later than everyone else. It's a fucking nightmare. Sure, applications are a hell of a lot easier for me to fill out than for most people since most essays are stuff like, "What are your plans for the future?" which is just duh for me, but so much work... of course, I can't back out because mom says she'll stop lending me the car to go to demonstrations if I slack off and a rally against animal experimentation is happening this weekend.

Right now Oberlin is the only place that's looking tolerable. They have a vegan menu and at least I'll be around like-minded people. Ohio is kind of flat though. Well, that and there isn't a body of salt water around for about five hundred miles. Hopefully the visit will make me realize the place isn't as desolate as it looks in the brochure (no matter how they try and disguise it).

I'm trying to come up with a new catchphrase. No one pays attention to me when I say "Straight-edge forever!" anymore. I'm trying to bring about awareness of healthier lifestyles, after all, and what good are all my efforts if everyone just ignores me?

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
6:00 pm
Kisame, reporting in (and totally unaware of what is going on)
Well. It's over. I've done it. I've made my decision. After much deliberation and thought, I've finally decided to *deep breath* become vegan.

Yes, it is a big step, I know. I thought long and hard about this. Don't try to dissuade me, Itachi-san, Zetsu, Deidara. In fact, make that *especially* you, Deidara. I remember what happened last time. I know it means I'll have to *cringe* give up on pizza night. I know it means no more eggs at breakfast. No more milk at lunch. No more *sob* fat-free strawberry yoghurt. But it is something I must do. How can I call myself a true environmentalist when I know there are goats out there getting their stomachs ripped out just so I can have my daily dose of calcium (no more Camembert, what am I doing to myself?), when there are harmless chickens being fed inhumane drugs just so my eggs are large, nutritious and full of choline in the morning? And what about the cows? Does no one think about the cows? Cows aren't meant to be cannibals!

And it is with this in mind that I solemnly vow to never touch dairy products or anything else produced by an animal ever again. I know it will make my journey to achieve perfect health more arduous, as soy milk really does taste like shit. But it must be done. How else could I live with myself? I'm doing it for mistreated animals everywhere. I'm taking a stand. Making a statement. Depriving myself of all that is good and tasty in the world. No more carrot cake. No more brownies. No more baked goods at all, as they all require eggs. No more of anything.

Dear God, kill me now and put me out of my mercy, for how can I survive without yoghurt? At least then my body will serve as non-toxic fertilizer and save some fish somewhere a painful death. No... must live on... to save... the whales...

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
6:01 pm
Okay so maybe real school isn't so bad. Tenten and some other girls are really nice =] maybe I can eat lunch with them! Today mommy and I packed me a veggie wrap and an apple and orange juice and carrot sticks! Mommy says I should never eat food from the cafeteria because it'll make me fat and give me cancer and I'll DIE. She says I gotta be "hard core straight edge" because it's "bichin"! I dunno what that means but it sounds awesome =D

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
9:30 pm
Today I went to real school for the first time ever! I don't like it as much as school at home with mommy. Everybody was mean and laughed at me because I'm blue. I told them I'm blue because mommy's from Atlantis where all plumbers come from but then they just laughed harder and one wanted to shove me in a toilet to send me home.

I thought he was joking because everybody knows a person doesn't fit through those pipes and the pipes from school wouldn't connect to the pipes at my home anyway but then he took me to the bathroom and tried it. I gave him a bloody nose then and the teacher got really mad and asked me what mommy would think of that. I told her mommy would be real proud of me 'cause mommy told me that little boys are evil and if I don't beat them up they'll turn into dead beats like my dad.

After that none of the other kids would talk to me. I really don't like real school but mommy says if I get good grades she'll start taking me to protests with her, and she'll let me hold a sign!
My mommy is the best ever. She's making tofurkey tonight to celebrate my first day of real school!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
8:41 pm
Vandalism! =D
I'm off to slash the tires on some SUVs! Who's with me? =D

Those stupid gas-guzzling machines! Rich yuppies who own them don't even go off road... they can afford to replace a tire or four. >=]

It never gets old... I used to do this when I was just a middle school small fry... ♥

Straight-edge forever!

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
6:30 pm
Not again.

The freshies are all getting it on with each other! I hope this group used protection too!!

I think these drunken parties are just a bad idea in general, you know! I didn't even get to cause any mayhem this time.

... I need to find a nice girl and go back to the straight-edge I was before. And I need to find her quick, because I've started to look at girls who I should not look at. She'd rip my balls off. o_o
I mean, even the freakin' underclassmen aren't looking half-bad anymore!! That's just wrong.

There's a protest in a couple weekends; maybe I'll meet a cute hippie girl! =D

Straight-edge forever!

Current Mood: melancholy

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
6:34 pm
I will attend this party and stay completely 100% straight-edge! Even with my new restrictions, I know I can do it!!

I was going to wear this, but then had the epiphany that it would look completely stupid. So I'm wearing that nifty black cloak with the red clouds, plus the awesome hat. ^_^
Don't look at me that way. Deidara's the creative one. I'm working with what I already had.

Waiting for instructions from The Boss, but will definitely have a bit of fun regardless! >=D

Straight-edge forever!

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
1:10 am
I kind of miss Temari.

But hey! I'm glad to hear she's happy and apparently quit smoking!! =D I'm so proud! Even if I couldn't be the one to help her realize that those cancer sticks will only lead to death and decay!

And, how dare that gossip columnist call me TUNA!! That stupid small fry!

I had to see the dentist yesterday. T_T So scary!
Even though she said that my teeth, while unnaturally pointy, are perfectly straight and cavity-free... dentists are frightening!!

But I got a pretty new blue toothbrush, so it wasn't that bad. ^_^

Straight-edge forever!

[OOC: gah. My internet connection was very wonky for a few days -- I could get online but not update on lj. I tried to post a week ago I think? but couldn't. Am back and fully online now though!]

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
12:10 am
Stormy weather...
I have a hat, I have a hat, I have a hat hey hey hey hey! ♪

It's so comfy here with the fire Sasori made. Like going camping... hee!

Sasori's gonna be lighting more things on fire, and all you underclassmen had better not complain, because it's so cold in here! You all should be grateful for my buddy's consideration for your miserable plights! ^_^

Me, I'm not doing anything! Not going to make you more miserable or anything like that!!

I love my hat.

You know what else I love? Monkey-wrenches. They're the greatest things. ♥ It's good to keep one in your locker just in case.

I also like plasma cutters and MIG welders... but they're not portable like a monkey-wrench is.

Akatsuki only! ^_^ ... and Gaara.Collapse )

Straight-edge forever!

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
12:30 am
Car wash dilema!
I want to take my bike to the car wash, but...


... There will be too much tempation! All that bared flesh and those miniscule bathing suits!

But how can I be truly, completely straight-edge if I do not face the temptation head on and resist it!? I must not shirk away in fear; I must boldly go, and hand them my bike, and ten dollars, and look into their eyes instead of at their cleavage!!

I shall be at this carwash, and I shall take my bicycle with me!

Straight-edge forever!

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
6:57 pm
I'm back!
The cops brought me home today. =]

So, I was a little peeved about that whole gossip column thing, and... there was a local protest that would only take half a day; I figured I'd blow some steam!

I think I made it to the protest, but after that, there was this jerk in an SUV, and things get a little fuzzy. ^_^;;

I was just really really mad. I mean, I went through all the trouble of figuring out the truth! I even gave away that pretty mermaid card that the cute hippy girl gave me at the fund-raiser a year ago! And then everybody else in school gets to find out the truth without any effort at all! It's not fair.

So I wanted to hurt them all. A lot. ♥

But I'm back now and feeling great! Except that mom'll kill me once she's done talking to the policewoman who brought me home.

So, what'd I miss while the cops had me? =D

Straight-edge forever!

[OOC: sorry; real life and summer stole me away. XP]

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Thursday, June 9th, 2005
11:32 pm

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
2:16 am
Moving on up!
Because of certain disastrous consequences (that I completely deserved! But were still disastrous) resulting from too much interaction with females, I have resolved to go to the next level of Straight-Edge. >=|

That's right. No sex!
Not until I'm married or something.

... Since I decided that, I oddly feel the need to beat up a lot more freshmen--I wonder if that broken bones rule is still in effect? But, I can refrain from physically torturing the freshmen much; soon I might be getting paid to manhandle troublemakers! ♥

... On that topic, I hope those three underclassmen who decided to broadcast their sex lives to the rest of us used protection!! Tenten drinks so much she'd kill any fetus before the first trimester was out. ô_O

Straight-edge forever!

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Thursday, May 12th, 2005
11:56 pm
ow ow ow ow ooooow.

::limps to Nurse Shizune's office.::

::very miserable, but still alive!::

Straight-edge... doesn't extend to pain killers today.

Current Mood: PAIN OW

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1:45 am
"We all die young."
... Aw carp, not again!! T_T

... I will accept my fate like a man. I'm almost happy Itachi found out because I felt so bad keeping a secret... except this means I'm going to die. Not quite equivalent trade, but...

I should have been stronger. I was sober. But now I shall suffer for my actions. ;_;

I hope Samehada can learn to live off cheetos, because Deidara's the only person who'll be able to take care of her after the Boss is through with me. Princess Fuun is fairly self sufficient, but I only had her for a few days... T_T

...and I hope I don't end up haunting the school like those other two ghosts; the janitor one is so depressing.

Long live straight-edge!

Current Mood: looming death

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
1:47 am
Oh jeez, I need a babysitter for Samehada and Princess Fuun! I'm going to a protest tomorrow and I won't be back until Wednesday! Deidara, can you housesit for me?? ;_;

Am really looking forward to the protest. ^_^ I made a huge sign for it--I love waving huge signs around! ♥

Straight-edge forever!

[OOC: Yeah, college has ended and so I'm driving back home, which is a two-day road trip. I'll be back online Wednesday. Deidara, please don't put our plot into action until I return~! ♥ ... Or maybe you can. Give Kisame a surprise to come home to. XD]

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
3:49 am
Princess Fuun's Big Adventure!
Still feeling absolutely awesome, but, so frustrating--I can't actually tell anybody what it is! Except Samehada. (She's such a great listener.)

But I really need something to do with myself! I've already written out essays to send to colleges, proofread them twice, done all the homework for the next week... I can't sit still!

It makes me bounce off the walls, not being able to tell these things to anybody who can talk back to me.

So... I ran out to that gardening store--the big one, you know? Called Valley something or other.

And I got a Venus Fly Trap.

It's made of awesome!! I have to admit, I made it bite one of my fingers to really see it in action... so amazing! I only did it once, though, because if all its mouth-things close then it can't eat for a while! But I left the window open and it had a nice meal when we got home.

I named it Princess Fuun. It seems so regal and stands so tall. With such a posture I knew it had to be royalty.

The Venus Fly Trap... it's really an awesome plant... not only relying on photosynthesis for its energy, but actually consuming other lives! This, this is the natural food chain! Not hormone-enhanced meat, just natural flies being eaten by a natural plant...! It really is an inspiration to watch.

And just imagine, there are so many other amazing species out there, being destroyed and becoming extinct before we can even see them! Flora and fauna both!

I'm going to another protest--about oil and the USA, I doubt you guys care about the details--in a week and a half. But I just feel like I'm not doing enough sometimes!

Straight-edge forever!

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
12:14 am
Beautiful day!!

My karma has turned around! My luck has changed! Life is good!

I am full of energy! Samehada is beautiful!

I could take on the world like this! I can take the stairs two at a time! I feel like running laps around campus! In fact, I think I will! ::runs laps around the school::

Why, you ask? Why am I so energetic, so happy?

It's a secret!!

But, I will tell you this much... I have accomplished something incredible. Something few before me have achieved.

And it makes me so happy!! ::glee::

But really, it puts things in a different light... eh, I'll wait for the buzz to wear off before I think about that. It's definitely not a bad thing though!

Straight-edge forever!

Current Mood: happy!!!!!

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
10:05 pm

I've been going about this all wrong! But, it's not too late! There is a way! A really simple way, in fact. =D

::takes off running through the school::

Straight-edge forever!!

[OOC: On an unrelated topic, nobody reacted to Sakura's panties going up on the flagpole yet... was I out of line with that? o_o;;;]

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Monday, April 18th, 2005
11:53 pm
I pledge allegiance... to the flag...
Well. Skipped Monday, like almost everybody else who went to Tenten's party, I'm sure! XD

But I was not nursing a hangover!
Straight-edge will never die!

Even if certain people kill me, the way of straight-edge will live on!

But all that aside! It's Tuesday morning, and it's bright and beautiful!

And now, the daily pledge of allegiance to the flag...

But, wait--that's no flag outside on the flagpole! It looks like... some poor girl's panties!

What horrible person could have done such a thing? Oh, the poor girl whose underclothes those are!

What!? Of course I didn't do such a cruel thing! I never would have taken advantage of little Haruno's drunken state and taken her undergarments. That's NASTY business, I tell you!

Straight-edge forever!

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