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I pledge allegiance... to the flag...

Well. Skipped Monday, like almost everybody else who went to Tenten's party, I'm sure! XD

But I was not nursing a hangover!
Straight-edge will never die!

Even if certain people kill me, the way of straight-edge will live on!

But all that aside! It's Tuesday morning, and it's bright and beautiful!

And now, the daily pledge of allegiance to the flag...

But, wait--that's no flag outside on the flagpole! It looks like... some poor girl's panties!

What horrible person could have done such a thing? Oh, the poor girl whose underclothes those are!

What!? Of course I didn't do such a cruel thing! I never would have taken advantage of little Haruno's drunken state and taken her undergarments. That's NASTY business, I tell you!

Straight-edge forever!
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