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Princess Fuun's Big Adventure!

Still feeling absolutely awesome, but, so frustrating--I can't actually tell anybody what it is! Except Samehada. (She's such a great listener.)

But I really need something to do with myself! I've already written out essays to send to colleges, proofread them twice, done all the homework for the next week... I can't sit still!

It makes me bounce off the walls, not being able to tell these things to anybody who can talk back to me.

So... I ran out to that gardening store--the big one, you know? Called Valley something or other.

And I got a Venus Fly Trap.

It's made of awesome!! I have to admit, I made it bite one of my fingers to really see it in action... so amazing! I only did it once, though, because if all its mouth-things close then it can't eat for a while! But I left the window open and it had a nice meal when we got home.

I named it Princess Fuun. It seems so regal and stands so tall. With such a posture I knew it had to be royalty.

The Venus Fly Trap... it's really an awesome plant... not only relying on photosynthesis for its energy, but actually consuming other lives! This, this is the natural food chain! Not hormone-enhanced meat, just natural flies being eaten by a natural plant...! It really is an inspiration to watch.

And just imagine, there are so many other amazing species out there, being destroyed and becoming extinct before we can even see them! Flora and fauna both!

I'm going to another protest--about oil and the USA, I doubt you guys care about the details--in a week and a half. But I just feel like I'm not doing enough sometimes!

Straight-edge forever!
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