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I'm back!

The cops brought me home today. =]

So, I was a little peeved about that whole gossip column thing, and... there was a local protest that would only take half a day; I figured I'd blow some steam!

I think I made it to the protest, but after that, there was this jerk in an SUV, and things get a little fuzzy. ^_^;;

I was just really really mad. I mean, I went through all the trouble of figuring out the truth! I even gave away that pretty mermaid card that the cute hippy girl gave me at the fund-raiser a year ago! And then everybody else in school gets to find out the truth without any effort at all! It's not fair.

So I wanted to hurt them all. A lot. ♥

But I'm back now and feeling great! Except that mom'll kill me once she's done talking to the policewoman who brought me home.

So, what'd I miss while the cops had me? =D

Straight-edge forever!

[OOC: sorry; real life and summer stole me away. XP]
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