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Stormy weather...

I have a hat, I have a hat, I have a hat hey hey hey hey! ♪

It's so comfy here with the fire Sasori made. Like going camping... hee!

Sasori's gonna be lighting more things on fire, and all you underclassmen had better not complain, because it's so cold in here! You all should be grateful for my buddy's consideration for your miserable plights! ^_^

Me, I'm not doing anything! Not going to make you more miserable or anything like that!!

I love my hat.

You know what else I love? Monkey-wrenches. They're the greatest things. ♥ It's good to keep one in your locker just in case.

I also like plasma cutters and MIG welders... but they're not portable like a monkey-wrench is.

[Akatsuki only! ... and Gaara.]

Only use the bathrooms next to Mr. Gai's english room! The others are all rigged to... well, the water pipes will be very disagreeable whenever anybody tries to use a sink or toilet.

[/Akatsuki only]

Straight-edge forever!
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